I live in London, can I pick up my order in E10?

Yes! Please select the pick up shipping method, and then drop me a line so we can arrange a time :) 

See the Shipping and Returns pages for more details.

What are your pieces made of?

I mainly throw using reclaimed stoneware clay which is a more sustainable option. I simply also love the look and feel of both the light and the black reclaimed clay. 

Reclaimed clay is a mixture of stoneware clays that have been previously discarded, and then reclaimed and re-wedged together. The light clay is a slightly speckled clay which can vary in colour depending on the make-up. The black clay is a mix of fine and medium grit clays.

The reclaimed clay is just as strong as non-reclaimed clays.

How do you package your pieces?

To protect the pieces, I am currently using bubble-wrap that is left over from my house move 2 years ago! When I have used this up, I will look into using more easily recyclable or biodegradable packaging sources.

In general, my policy is to reduce waste, re- use and recycle as much as possible. This means that sometimes I may post items with re-used packaging/in re-used boxes. Please get in touch if you would like your pieces packaged in a particular way.

How should I look after my pieces? What can I use them for?

All of my pieces are food safe unless otherwise marked. They are also microwave and dishwasher safe. However, to improve longevity of items, I'd recommend to hand wash and avoid sudden temperature changes or uneven heating.

What are samples or seconds?

Samples or seconds are items offered at reduced prices. These may be test products or pieces that don't meet my personal aesthetic standards. These imperfections do not affect the integrity of the piece. 

For sustainability reasons, I'm not keen on throwing functional pieces away, and so I will offer these at a lower price.

Examples of samples/seconds:

  1. Glazes which have imperfections e.g. glaze cracks, small spots of bare clay or other glaze texture.

  2. Pieces with a small crack in the base which either do not go entirely through or interfere with the integrity/function.

Do you accept custom orders?

Yes, I love making these, and also take pre-orders for sold out items. Please see the pre-orders page or get in touch with me!

How long do pre-orders/custom orders take?

Pre-orders are made to order. Due to making timelines, please allow 6-8 weeks for your order to arrive in the UK, and 6-10 weeks for Europe. For rest of world, timelines will vary by location.